Interior/Exterior Fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplace Project

Create a stunning ambiance with an outdoor fireplace. Our experts can help bring your ultimate fireplace visions to life! 

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Indoor Fireplace Project 1

Don't just stop with an outdoor fireplace - we can build the perfect indoor fireplace for your home to fit your planned space. Choose from a variety of brick patterns, colors, and more for a truly custom experience.

Indoor Fireplace Project 2

Choose the stone you want for your indoor fireplace creation. From modern to rustic, our team can create your dream fireplace.

Indoor Fireplace Project 3

This beautiful indoor fireplace was the perfect combination of functionality and design.

Indoor Fireplace Project 4

Add warmth and ambiance with a multi-view indoor fireplace.

Complete Fireplace Projects 1

This outdoor fireplace was built as an extension of the back porch with hand-chosen masonry.

Complete Fireplace Projects 2

Elevate your home with a beautiful custom-built indoor fireplace by Custom Masonry.