Stone Work

Exterior Cultured Stone Walls

With cultured stone walls, you can enhance the look of your home's exterior while adding a unique feel by choosing from a variety of colors, sizes, and textures. Stone walls are also extremely durable, requiring little maintenance or repairs. It's hard to beat the natural beauty of stone walls - call us today to learn more! 

Stone Balustrade

Stone balustrade adds a striking design to the landscape of your home for a grandiose feel. Choose your a variety of elegant designs by Coastal Masonry.

Interior Cultured Stone Walls

Add an accent with cultured stone walls for an amplified look in your home's interior. We can create stone walls in any room of your home.

Ledgestone Blend Pillars

Besides creating stunning stone walls, Coastal Masonry can also create stunning curb appeal with Ledgestone pillars. From the front porch to the mailbox, see how stone work can enhance the look of your home's exterior.