A Place to Gather

The fireplace is a wonderful feature to have in your home. Not only can it be used to help in the heating of your home, but it can also be a place where your family can gather and bond. If you’re looking to add a fireplace to your home, be it indoors or outdoors, Coastal Masonry can build exactly what you need.

Why You Need a Fireplace

Fireplaces have once always been a distinguishable feature of many homes. But now, thanks to modern heating technology or the desire for more compact homes, plenty of modern-day houses are designed without a fireplace. However, we at Coastal Masonry still believe that there is still a place and a use for a fireplace, and we know there are people like you who believe so, too. In fact, there are several advantages to owning or building a fireplace, no matter what type it is. And they go beyond just keeping you and your family warm during the colder months of the year.

Reduce Energy Costs

In the long run, it will cost you much less to buy and burn firewood in your stone fireplace when compared to using electrical heating appliances.

Improve House Decor

There is something about a stone or brick fireplace that makes a home look great as well as cozy. A fireplace is also the perfect spot to relax.

Adds Market Value

A fireplace is a very desirable feature for many homebuyers. Thus, in the event that you need to sell your house, you’ll find buyers quickly.


Brick Fireplace and Stone Fireplace

Of the many materials that a fireplace can be built with, we at Coastal Masonry use two of the most common but very effective materials - stone and brick. When used in the building of a fireplace, both have their own pros and cons. A brick fireplace is more cost-friendly due to how bricks are easy to buy and repair. But a fireplace made from brick will need plenty of maintenance. Whereas a stone fireplace will blend in with a home’s style and give a more natural look to your home’s interior. But a fireplace made of stone is a little more costly in comparison to others. But once you've made your choice, we’ll do our very best to deliver.

Indoor and Outdoor

Coastal Masonry can build fireplaces for both indoor and outdoor use. Though designs will vary between the two, the materials and construction will be similar. If you’re looking to add a focal point for fun and gathering outside, an outdoor fireplace is a perfect addition to your home. Or, if you’re looking to add another amenity next to your outdoor kitchen, we can build a fireplace that will complement the kitchen’s look and design. All you have to do is tell us what you need and Coastal Masonry will build it.

We’ll Start Building Today

If you’re thinking about building a fireplace but aren’t sure if it’s worth the investment, then allow us to help you decide. Contact us now so we can begin planning and building the stone fireplace or brick fireplace you desire, be it for indoors or outdoors use.