Commercial Masonry

We at Coastal Masonry can also be hired as a masonry contractor for your commercial masonry work or project. We can easily do exceptional stonework for interiors or exteriors, renovate new sections with brick or stone, and help repair damaged bricks within your building.

Types of Masonry Work

If you’re planning to develop a new commercial project or renovate an existing one, Coastal Masonry can take on the job as your skilled masonry contractor. While the masonry work we do is mostly residential, we can easily apply our knowledge to commercial projects. There are several types of masonry work, all of which we can do according to the needs of the construction or renovation. For more details, and to learn how each works, read below.

Brick Masonry

This is the classic masonry work that is done by stacking bricks with mortar. Bricks are usually made from clay, but can also be made of concrete, lime, and sand.

Stone Masonry

Similar to brick masonry, using stones for construction is another classic method. But stone masonry can make a building look unique from both inside and outside.

Concrete Masonry

Done by using concrete cinder blocks, which are either solid or hollow. Concrete masonry is often used for building foundations and putting up exterior walls.


Always Hire a Masonry Contractor

It is quite common for people to hire just about anyone to help them do their construction or renovation projects. And while there are those who have skills similar to a masonry contractor, those same people won’t have the same knowledge. As a masonry contractor, Coastal Masonry has extensive knowledge in other areas that are related to construction. Our knowledge includes knowing and understanding the rules and regulations that are involved in any building project. We also know who to talk to for additional work hands, materials, insurance, and so on. So, whenever possible, always hire a professional contractor.

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If you have a project you would like to begin working on, be it construction or renovation, do not hesitate to contact us right away. We would be more than happy to hear from you and learn about your project.