Smoking Perfection

No outdoor kitchen would be complete without a brick smoker. Sure, there are plenty of amazing outdoor smoker setups on the market, but you can get so much flexibility with one made from brick and mortar.

Advantages of a Brick Smoker

Whether you are a meat-smoking novice or someone who takes barbecuing seriously, you can never go wrong with having a brick smoker as part of your outdoor kitchen. Though it will mean sacrificing portability for the sake of permanence and durability, the trade-off is definitely more than worth it. Coastal Masonry can build your outdoor smoker in any form or style you wish while making sure it fits the overall aesthetics of your backyard kitchen. There are designs that are specifically for smoking meat only and there are others that will allow you to do more. If you are still unsure, consider these three advantages.

Durable and Lasting

When built properly, any outdoor smoker we build will last a very long time. You won’t have to worry about replacing it or rebuilding it after every few months of using it.

Holds Heat Better

Brick smokers can hold heat for much longer than the usual metal smokers, which will allow you to cook or smoke meat at very low temperatures for longer periods of time.

Cook, Smoke, Bake

Depending on the design of the outdoor smokers, you can just cook or bake food just as easily as you smoke meat. It will depend solely on what you want to enjoy the most.


Don’t Throw Your Outdoor Smoker!

Now, just because we at Coastal Masonry can build you a brick smoker, that doesn’t mean you should throw away your portable barbecuing set. Because if you decide that you want your brick smoker to do something very specific, like smoking sausages or slow-cooking batches of meat, your metal smoker can be used for something else. In fact, by having two kinds of outdoor smokers, you can enjoy greater flexibility in cooking and smoking all sorts of food. Think of the brick smoker as a backup oven to your portable one, so you can make better use of both. So, whether you know what you want out of your smoker or you’re in need of ideas, Coastal Masonry will help you in every way.

We’ll Start Building Today

Coastal Masonry wishes to build the perfect outdoor smoker that will go well with your outdoor kitchen. Whether you have a design in mind or would like us to check the space available to us, be sure to send us a message or give us a call today.